What is included in your DJ services?

Depending on the number of hours you hire us for, our DJs can provide music for your ceremony, cocktail, and reception. They will also emcee your entire event unless you provide an emcee to pronounce those tough last names. We have a 3-hour minimum, of which, does not include set up and breakdown time.

Do you charge for set up/ breakdown/delivery?

For DJ services or lighting services, set up and breakdown are included into the price. Our additional services like draping, dance floor, and staging require an additional 20% fee of the entire cost because that stuff is tiring y’all.

Do you do lighting only events?

If you miraculously won the lottery and hired Britney Spears for your reception, that’s not a problem! We are happy to design the lighting for your event. Just as long as we can get a picture…

Are y’all insured?

We know stuff happens. We are insured for up to 2 million dollars.

Can we come to your events?

We invite our clients to come to our events that are open the public. Only crash a wedding if it is your friends. We typically don’t like to expose our future clients to another one of our weddings because their tastes in music could be vastly different.

Can we give you music to play?

You certainly can! Please send us any music you have for your traditional dances just to make sure we have the right version.

As far as the night goes, we will most definitely play any memorable songs you would like us to. All we ask for is some flexibility for our DJs to read the dance floor and know what to play next. We’re pros, we hope you trust us.

Why should we hire you instead of our favorite club DJ?

That’s a lofty question! But I may have the answer. Most club DJs have never handled a wedding before or perform them consistently every weekend. We make sure to wait until the photographer is positioned so they don’t miss out on that special photo op. Our DJs have been trained to keep up the pace of the wedding while being observant so everything goes smoothly.

Do y’all work with bands?

Yes. We ask that the band provides all of their equipment. If you need us to do a sound check, just let us know!

Does the DJ bring lights?

No. We know that you’ve spent several hours at a floral appointment trying to decide between 3 different shades of pink. We wouldn’t dare ruin that with several epileptic lights (unless you want that).

Who sets up the lighting?

We have a completely separate crew to set up all the lighting. If your DJ were to set up the lighting, they would not have much gas left in the tank when its time for them to perform for your reception.

What is your process?

Initially you contact us with your date, venue, and the services you are interested in. If we are available we match you with a DJ depending on your musical needs. During your initial meeting a consultant will ask you about the details of your musical and lighting desires. From there we will provide you with a quote and let the chips fall as they may! 50% is due upon signing and the rest will be due in a final meeting that you have with your DJ 45 days prior to your event. In this meeting, you and your DJ will iron out all the details for the evening. If you have lighting, we will meet you at your venue to do a lighting demonstration. Otherwise, all meetings will be in office.

What if my DJ cannot make my event because of an emergency, hurricane, zombie apocalypse?

We wouldn’t dare miss your big day, but sometimes life throws us curve balls. We have a staff of DJs that rotate out every weekend and will be dispatched if need be. All of the information for your wedding will be stored on a cloud based website and will be sent to the new DJ.